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For over 50 years, we have been supporting Swiss feed manufacturers and self-mixers in the production and development of high-quality products with our experience. Our offering in the field of premix includes raw materials, feed specialties, and mineral and vitamin premixes for use in animal feed. We also provide a comprehensive range of services. Additionally, we support our partners with expertise and access to international research findings. The specific formulation of recipes for the production of mixed feed and minerals in your mill, as well as the targeted support of animal keepers and farmers by our technical service, enables us to find optimal solutions for self-mixers and the mixed feed customers of partner mills. Furthermore, you can expand your product range by reselling Granovit products such as mixed feed, minerals, or milk powder.
The feed concept with the PLUS in the “Premix” category includes:
  • High-quality products: We offer customer-specific solutions with a diverse range of raw materials, mineral and vitamin premixes, and products for resale.
  • Flexible production: Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, we can deliver to our partners promptly, efficiently, and reliably.eitgerecht, schnell und zuverlässig beliefern.
  • Addressing customer requests: Our proximity to customers allows us to easily address their requests. Moreover, the production site in Lucens enables the production of custom premixes and specialties, even in small quantities.
  • Incorporating the latest research findings: Through our network of partners both domestically and internationally, our customers benefit from the latest insights in animal nutrition.
  • Technical operational consultations: Our technical service provides on-site advice to you or your customers on farm nutrition-related matters.