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Animals are our passion – the best for a society with a future

GRANOVIT AG stands for Swiss-quality animal nutrition. Sustainable feed production and healthy animals are our greatest commitments. Whether for livestock, zoo animals, or our domestic animal friends – GRANOVIT AG ensures the well-being of every animal with optimal nutrition.

From the cultivation of raw materials to production and feeding: The components of our products are traceable and are composed by our experts with species-appropriate nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and additives for each animal species. To maintain the high-quality standards, we continuously develop our feed solutions in collaboration with international technology and research partners.

We are a reliable and cooperative partner, delivering not only animal feed solutions but also providing on-site support for ecologically and economically sustainable aspects of animal husbandry. This allows us to tailor our products to customer needs and create long-term added value.

For us, sustainable animal nutrition production is not just about ecological aspects but also involves responsibly sourcing raw materials and running operations in an environmentally-friendly manner with voluntary CO2 reduction and hydropower energy.

This is our concept with the PLUS for the animals and their health – and the PLUS for our customers who gain more benefits and joy from their animals.
GRANOVIT AG – Over 90 years of experience in animal nutrition:
  • One of the largest independent feed manufacturers in Switzerland
  • We produce near our customers at three locations in Lucens VD, Kaiseraugst AG, and Gossau SG
  • Raw materials are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Raw materials come from grain cultivation without desiccation (accelerated ripening by synthetic herbicides).
  • Rohstoffe aus nachhaltigem Anbau
  • Multiple Certifications:

ISO 9001:2015
Food Safety System Certification 22000, Kaiseraugst
Donau Soja
Suisse Garantie AMS
Suisse Garantie ProCert
CO2 & kWh reduziert
Strom Wasserkraft Europa
Bio Suisse